Friday, July 01, 2011

MCP Project 52: Hidden Object

This week's theme was hidden object and guess what I found a hidden object last weekend. Which I guess means it really wasn't a hidden object. However two dachshunds cruised by it at least twice and didn't even twitch a whisker.

I on the other hand did see the toad and fortuitously had my camera in hand.

He was a very cooperative subject and didn't move a muscle while I swooped around him taking pictures. It was probably a defensive move, along the lines of if I don't move nobody will see me.

I like the pebbly texture of the toad's skin works with the rough surface of the brick steps and mortar. The leaves spilling over from the bushes along side add a nice splash of color. The bottom of the handrail adds a nice bit of framing for the shot.

I am very pleased with this picture. Thank you Mr. Toad for being such a good subject.

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