Sunday, July 17, 2011

MCP Project 52: Nature's Finest

Daylily and Grapevine by Teckelcar
Daylily and Grapevine, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
I didn't let a silly little thing like vacation stop me from participating in the MCP Project 52. Taking the picture was no problem, the tricky bit was uploading. It was easier to use my cell phone and link up via Bluetooth than mucking around with the camera and various computers. However, I was slack with here so I'm posting the previous week's picture now.

I'm pretty pleased with how the picture came out with my simple cell phone. It doesn't take the greatest pictures, but I can do a decent job when I keep its limitations in mind.

As for the subject, I love day lilies. They are among my favorite flowers and are to me the flower of summer. They naturalize in a heartbeat and as a result they are all over the place. I spot this one while walking along the sidewalk from my mother's house to the town library. When I saw them I knew I had my picture for the week.

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