Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Argh, Just Take My Picture Already

Argh by Teckelcar
Argh, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
John is such a patient and cooperative dog. That is why he got stuck with the eye patch. It was just challenge enough getting a hat on Delly. John would sit there waiting 5, almost 10 minutes with the eye patch before he would rub it off. With Dell...

Well this is how the photo shoot went.

Find hats, eye patch, and camera. Take all of that outside along with the dogs.

Place John on the deck box, place eye patch and hat on his head, then tell him to wait.

Try to pick up Dell. Dell flops over for a tummy rub.

Man handle Dell onto deck box and stop him from leaping off.

Try to place hat on Dell's head, he flops over for a tummy rub. Haul Dell into an upright position. Repeat a half dozen or so times until Dell figures out that a tummy is not going to happen and decides to sit.

Jam hat on Dell's head. Adjust John's eye patch take pictures while periodically repositioning Dell's hat and stopping Dell from leaping down.

Release dogs, download pictures discovered the best pose is blurry.

Round up dogs, get smart and show them I have treats. Dell no longer wants a belly rub, now he is all OMG SHE HAS FOOD, I LOVE FOOD! GIMME FOOD!!!!

After a minute Dell settles down, John sighs, and I take more pictures.

End of shoot dogs get treats.

That's one way to spend a Monday morning.


Janis Gore said...

I would have been shredded by the birds.

Sarah said...

Mm, yes birds don't take to kindly to hats and other such shenanigans.

Janis Gore said...

Maybe I could teach Charlie to say "Ahoy, matey"?