Friday, September 16, 2011

MCP Project 52: Momentous Moment

above the clouds by Teckelcar
above the clouds, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
Yes I know I already posted this particular picture earlier this week, but I hadn't decided to make it my MCP Project 52 entry until yesterday.

Until yesterday I was stumped and a bit annoyed with myself. The wedding we attended would have been perfect subject matter for the theme "Momentous Moment," but I screwed up. We were halfway to the airport when I realized I had left my camera at home.


I tried taking pictures with my cell phone, but honestly they all stunk. No amount of photoshoppery would bring them to a level I would deem fit for public viewing. So I stewed and racked my brains.Then I realized I had gotten some lovely cloud pictures on flight back home. Which got me to thinking about our flight and then it hit me, this would be my take on a momentous moment.

This doesn't seem momentous, but it is. I took this picture on Sept 11th while flying from Chicago to Richmond. It was a full flight and it seemed like another day. Everything that day at the two airports was utterly normal, from the slog through security, overbooked announcements, the jockeying for luggage space, and the perfectly ordinary wait for checked bags. That to me is momentous.

So sometimes a perfectly ordinary trip on a not so ordinary day can be a something utterly amazing.

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