Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mail Call

Getting mail addressed to them is a big deal to the kids, particularly the dynamic duo. Whenever I collect the mail I am breathlessly asked if any is address to them. For the most part the answer is no and there is always a bit of disappointment with that answer.

Today Max collected the mail and discovered an envelope with his name prominently displayed in the address window. Now I didn't see this when it happened but, judging by the shredded appearance of the envelope, Max was very excited as he tore the letter open.

The letter was from our health insurance and it was a detailed report of the financial aspect of Max's most recent visit to the CF clinic. Somehow a two page table of the clinic's initial charges, subsequent adjustments, what insurance will cover, and what ever else they threw in there was far from interesting reading for a 10 year old boy. The letter was tossed aside in disappointment.

Poor guy, today he got initiated into the world of boring mail.

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