Wednesday, February 15, 2012

7 Years Plus This, That, And The Other Thing

And all a day late.

I truly meant to post yesterday, but I was busy. Between the baking, the dinner making, and the late night out with my hubby I wasn't able to sit down and post. So here is the belated blogiversary, Valentines Day, Baking with Julia, and date night version.

So yes, seven years. In dog years my blog is older than me. I figure that dog years better captures the relative age of this blog thing. It's a little harder now with children becoming a little more opinionated about what gets posted and I do try to respect their wishes. Rebecca was less than thrilled with the last picture I posted, but I did point out that I haven't released any videos of her without her approval and honestly those have a better chance of being passed around. Anyhoodle seven years is a pretty durn long stretch and as long as the grandparents are interested I'll keep it up.

Valentines day around here has become very low key. Rebecca was the only one that did the card exchange at school, Max wasn't interested and once you are out of elementary school it's over. We did however have a lovely roast chicken for dinner and Larry got me some absolutely scrumptious chocolates. The man certainly knows what I like! The best part is that none of the kids like them. I happy to share with Larry who appreciates fine chocolates.

Which brings us to Baking with Julia. The selected recipe was Chocolate Truffle Tartlets and I thought they would be fun to make for Valentines day. The recipe makes 6 tartlets which is perfect for my family. I think they were pretty good, but the crust needs a little work. I'll give a full reportage on Tuesday, the official day for Baking with Julia.

As for the other thing... Larry and I had a very late night out on the town. We didn't get home until nigh on 2:00 am. We are friends with a few members of some local bands, The Santamaria Bothers and Soundstorm, and there was a splendid double bill last night. Both play a sort funky jazz infused music and the venue has good acoustics. The highlight of the evening was when the two bands joined together. Once in a while it's fun for the two of us to go out and kick up our heels.

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Diane said...

Happy Blogoversary! Amazing how time flies.

I meant to make the tartlets last weekend, but time got away from me. Honestly, they sound almost too rich for me. Rugelach and irish soda bread for next month - one very fussy recipe, one super easy, but with a very short shelf life. This will be interesting.