Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I'm Only Human

Bluffin by Teckelcar
Bluffin, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
You see this muffin, doesn't it look delicious? All chocolatey and poofy. You just want to tear into it with a nice glass of milk.

Well it's not.

It is the blandest thing I have ever baked. It was supposed to be a chocolate muffin, Rebecca wanted to make chocolate muffins with me and we had a lovely time. Right up until we tried out the muffins.

They were such a disappointment. I added the upper end of the called for chocolate, but it tasted like I waved a stale bit of chocolate at the batter. Nate came up with the term bluffin, a contraction of bland muffin.

I tried one with some cream cheese frosting and all it did was ruin the frosting. I would have been better off just licking the frosting off the knife. I ended up tossing the last bluffin because nobody, and do mean nobody, wants a second one.

So not everything I bake is good, I'm only human.

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