Thursday, February 17, 2005

American Dream

Last night I was up late baking muffins for my husband to take to work.

Yesterday was a very important day for one of my husband’s co-workers.

Oscar is a great guy. He is fun to be around and is willing to play endless (to me) games of soccer with the kids. His wife Pam is witty with a wicked sense of humor. They are a fun couple to have over. The biggest plus is that they are not overwhelmed by our lively brood.

Oscar came to the US from Turkey. He came to Texas and earned his PhD, met Pam (a true Texan blonde) and married her. He then moved to Virginia where he works for the commonwealth. It’s a good job that actually utilizes his degree. He and his wife have bought a house and live well.

But for him his American dream was not complete. About two months ago he passed his US citizenship exam. My husband called home from work to tell me he would be a bit late coming home. He wanted to take Oscar out for a beer in celebration. My response was no! He should come here for dinner! So Oscar and Pam came to our home to have veal picata, asparagus and a lovely apple tart. Of course the younger members of this household would have no truck with this grownup fare so they got dino-nuggets and ice cream. We even cleaned up the dining room, brought out our wedding china and the family silverware. Max and Rebecca were overwhelmed at first with all the fancy trappings, but they soon warmed up to the idea when Oscar and Pam arrived.

Yesterday Oscar officially became a US citizen. I wish I could have been there, but at least my husband was.

I was born an American and I am proud to be one. But Oscar chose to be an American. I am honored to know someone like Oscar. He left his native country to come here and become a citizen of the United State of America.

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