Tuesday, February 15, 2005

It's hard to be three

My two youngest children are boy girl twins, Max and Rebecca.
They are three years old and it is very hard.

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For example, this past weekend we removed the cribs from their room and put in their new beds. There was much happiness and excitement. We had been looking at beds and talking about this momentous occasion for the past two weeks. They were primed and ready. I put some sheets on their beds from our large collection, helicopters and trucks for Max’s bed and the moon and the stars for Rebecca. All was fine. They curled up on top of their sheets and went right to sleep. Hubby and I were amazed.

The next day I took Max and Rebecca shopping for their own sheets, blankets and quilts. The sheets were quick, Dora for Rebecca and Spiderman for Max. The blankets and quilts were a bit more problematic. After a great deal of dithering we settled on a navy blue blanket for Max. “Just like (big brother) Jake!” he said with a smile. His quilt is a patchwork of red white and blue. Max was so pleased that he insisted on carrying the quilt itself. Mind you the folded quilt was almost as big as Max. Rebecca picked out a beige blanket that looks lovely with the red and tan quilt she had selected.

Back home I washed the new blankets and quilts. When it was time to make the beds that was when the drama and trauma began. “Nooooooooooo! Do not put on my bed!” wailed Max. He frantically tugged at the now offending quilt and blanket. He howled for a good half hour until we settled on folding the horrible things back to the foot of his bed. Rebecca was worse. She was inarticulate with rage. All I remember are high pitched shrieks of “No, No, No!” She was much more effective in her removal of the offending bedding. With a great flourish she hurled the quilt to the floor. The blanket was harder to remove and was wadded up on her bed. After an hour we settled on the quilt staying on the chair and the blanket on the footboard. At the end of Rebecca’s performance Max quietly walked up to me politely asked me “Make my bed up like Jake.”

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Anonymous said...

The joys of small children. Yours are adorably cute to look at. I always thought having twins would be neat -- until I had one baby and then I quickly realized I had no idea what I was thinking.