Thursday, February 17, 2005

Thursday Three

These are my answers to the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three post-Valentine’s edition.
I only elected to do three of the nine proffered. You can see the rest over at Possumblog.

1.) A card, a fancy home cooked meal and a homemade cake with chocolate icing and raspberry butter cream filling.

2.) The one I remember most clearly started off badly. I made reservations at a fancy restaurant for Larry and I. When we arrived (on time!) they claimed we had cancelled our reservation. I was furious! They tried to mollify me with an inferior table in the casual dining section, but I refused it. Instead I demanded the phone book and used a pay phone to call up our favorite Chinese restaurant. Turned out they could seat us right away. We ended up having a lovely meal for far less money.

3.) A weekend at a B&B or The Jefferson with my hubby and without children.

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