Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Gone to the dogs

Last night we watched the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The older boys, Jake and Nate, were excited and wanted to see the dachshunds on TV. We let them stay up to watch, then trundled them off to bed.

They were interested in the dachshunds because we have three, Rally, Crunch and John. All three are standard (the big ones) smooth (shorthaired) dachshunds.

Rally is the oldest and will be 13 in April.

Rally and Crunch Posted by Hello

She is a black and tan with the sleekest fur, though the tan is all fading to grey now. She is the smartest of the trio and regularly manipulates Crunch, a much bigger dog, to get what she wants.

Crunch is a retired show dog that is a finished champion. Here is a win photo from his prime.

Crunch at the National in 1999 Posted by Hello

He is also a Field Champion and has an Earthdog title. This means he looks like a proper dachshund and can perform like one too. Both my husband and I handled him to all his titles. He is six months younger than Rally and is red with a white face now.

John is Crunch’s son and his first birthday will be in May. I have already shown him in the ring
and the field.

John at his first show Posted by Hello

He shows great promise in both.

I’ll probably never be a big time breeder of dachshunds, but I do enjoy having them underfoot and showing them in the ring and in the field.

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