Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Quiet Time

For the past two months Max and Rebecca have no longer been taking naps. They used to take a 1-3 hour nap every afternoon. We would tell their older brothers that it is "quiet time." Now it is nada, zip, zero, nothing.

I really miss those naps. I’m not one of those super moms that can do all sorts of amazing things while her children sleep. Instead I nap too. If I’m really motivated I start a load of dishes. There is nothing nicer than to stretch out in the mid-afternoon and get a little shut eye. I’d tuck the twins in their cribs, give a sleepy wave and stagger off to bed.

I have a tendency to stay up late at night. Puttering about the house and enjoying the relative quiet. Unfortunately most days I have to get up around 6:30 am in order to get the older two up and out for the bus. So I really need to nap.

Now I have to content myself with being half asleep on the couch while Max and Rebecca buzz about. They could still use a nap. Both of them are quite ragged by the end of the day and are very easily frustrated.

Yesterday I sprawled on the couch after we picked up all of the train tracks and trains from the living room floor. I set a timer and vegged out. In my drowsy state I noticed it was quite, maybe too quiet. I got up to investigate and found the downstairs still neat and tidy. How odd I thought to myself. Next I went to their room. There I found them, fast asleep in their new beds.

I hope this means that naps are back.

Nah, that is too much to hope for. At least they like their beds.

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