Friday, February 18, 2005

Maybe it's not so horrible after all

I did a little experiment yesterday with Rebecca’s bed. I made it up with the horrible blanket. Once I was done I carefully replaced all her toys and books on top of her bed. All day she was in and out of her room with nary a comment. At the end of the day with brushed teeth and jammies on she scrambled onto her bed.

Then it happened. While sitting on her bed she looked down.

“Hey, no like!” she pouted while pointing to the blanket. She then folded her arms and scowled at me.

I told her to hold on and continued readying Max for bed. She then started playing with her treasure box.

When I was done with Max I could see she was no longer concerned about the blanket. So kissed them both good night, turned off the overhead light and closed the door after I left the room.

In the morning the not so horrible blanket was still on the bed. Success!

The quilt, however, remains on the chair.

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