Monday, March 17, 2008


Saturday was IEATAPETA and we celebrated in style. We had all sorts of meat products and rounded off the day by having dinner with Meryl at our favorite local BBQ joint.

Meat, it's what's for dinner.

I'm a big fan of IEATAPETA, not only do I get to indulge my carnivorous tendencies but I also get to thumb my nose at peta, an organization I utterly loathe.

Then on Sunday was Hebrew school's Purim Parade. Jake and Nate didn't dress up, but the dynamic duo did. Max wanted to be a guard and wanted to bring a spear to school. I was able to cobble together something from a short mop handle and construction paper. Max was very pleased with the end result. Rebecca opted to be Queen Ester (as did every other girl) and wear her big princess dress along with a matching wand and tiara set. Thankfully she decided to wear her sneakers and not her dress up shoes. Her "fancy shoes" are very slippery and would have been nightmare for her to walk in when we cut through the side streets after parking the car.

Neither won any prizes, but they did have a great time.

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