Friday, March 07, 2008

Just a Little Bit More

Nate's show and tell with the megilla went well. I did my best not to hijack it, but I did prompt him a bit.

I decided that the megillah itself was off limits, but the smaller square could be passed around. I think the kids really liked being about to actually hold the smaller parchment. They also got a kick out of seeing the whole megillah unfurled. Nate's teacher at that moment pointed out that the whole thing was hand lettered and this was how "books" where originally written. Painstakingly printed by hand on a scroll.

Nate told the class it was the story of Esther. about two thirds of the class understood what he meant. Of the remaining third one girl asked who was Esther. Before Nate could answer another girl answered "It's a Christian story." Nate then corrected her and said that actually it's a Jewish story. The girl was a bit surprised, but accepted this idea fairly easily. Nate then answered a few more questions and then it was time for the class to move on.

I had a lot of fun and I know Nate loved having me there. And once again I've become the go to person for all things Jewish in our school system

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