Thursday, March 20, 2008

Red Boys

Dell, the new dog, is settling in nicely. He is so very, very HAPPY to be in a family situation. I swear his tail is just going get wagged off of his body. He loves being able to roam about the house downstairs and having kids to play with him is the cherry on top.

He and John also wrestle and chase each other through out the house. The funniest is when they are outside. They tear across the lawn shoulder to shoulder, bumping each other. It's kind of like a roller derby out there. John gets so excited that he starts barking at Dell. When they stop Dell gives him a look along the lines of "Dude, why the barking?" and then they take off again.

I've seem to have lost my camera, but I'll try to shoot some video of the two of them this weekend and post it.

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