Sunday, March 09, 2008

Time Rant

I hate the whole "spring forward, fall back" time change thing. This year it was particularly brutal because I didn't realize it until about midnight last night. Then there was much frantic changing of a few critical clocks before crashing into bed at far too late an hour.

At 6:30 am the alarm clock sounded and Larry voiced his disbelief about the hour (it was still dark) before shutting it off. I staggered out of bed and got Max started on his therapies. He needs to be nebulized (albuterol and Tobi)and have chest PTs before we head off to Hebrew school. The Tobi is especially onerous because it takes at least half an hour to fully nebulize. At least Max can sleep through that part. I was dragging the whole time and poor Nate was so confused, I had only reset some of the clocks and he thought it was much earlier than it was. We left late for Hebrew school and I had a hard time parking, but we were only a minute or two late. Which is pretty darn good considering. Normally we are on time, so I don't think the teachers will hold it against them. I know the kindergarten teacher was as out of sorts as we were.

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