Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Artist of the Week: Origami

Rebecca asked me the other day about where origami originated. She thought China and I said Japan. We were out and about, so when we got home I looked up origami on the web and this striking figure popped up.

I was stunned, my jaw dropped. I have never seen such an intricate example of origami in my life.

I had to find out more about the dragon and its creator. This was definetly a candidate for Artist of the Week.

It was over at Neatorama where I first found the image. The blurb named the artist, Satoshi Kamiya, and how it took 40 hours over several months to create. And yes it really is just one sheet of paper (2 meters square). The most amazing thing, however, was he did this on his own without the aid of a computer.

From there I found his Wiki page and his own web site (which is, understandably, in Japanese and thus unintelligible to me). There were a few videos of him in action, but I found then to be on the whole annoying and the ones of him creating the above were all deleted. So instead I'll point you over to a Flickr fan site.

Satoshi Kamiya is truly a master of origami.

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