Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Visitors and Music

I'm very fortunate in the in-law department. My husband's mother and her husband are truly wonderful people.

They are down here visiting for a few days and we are busy, busy, busy. Today we went to the Science Museum of Virginia and petted sharks, specifically a white spotted bamboo shark. Well most of us did, Max has a thing about touching odd things, which is fine by me and possibly the shark. The shark itself was comatose, it's a nocturnal species and thus fast asleep- an ideal candidate for people to briefly stroke as it lay quietly in the tank. I joked with the volunteers at the museum how it must be odd for the shark being touched while its asleep and they ended up riffing on how the shark was going to have dreams of being handled by aliens (alien abductions solved- we are just in a giant touch tank!). Unfortunately I forgot my camera and I can not properly share the visit with y'all.

Then we scampered back home for the last piano lesson for the summer. Which was a bittersweet affair. Nate and Rebecca are going to continue on in the fall, but Max is done. He has been crabbing all year about my signing him up for a second year of lessons. The teacher and I both agreed that he was a lost cause. Maybe in a few years he'll pick it up again, he actually can do a decent job when he is not up in arms about the horrible injustice of piano lessons.

Tomorrow we might catch a movie, who knows what our next exciting adventure with Grandma and Grandpa will be.

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