Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Just a Bit Obsessed

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We have a squirrel, or rather, a family of squirrels and Dell is just a wee bit obsessed about them. And not in a friendly how-do-you-do sort of way, but rather dang-I-almost-nailed-the-little-beastie way.

The accursed critters dance upon the bird feeder and mock the red boys. I'll let Dell out and watch him hurtle towards the feeder while the squirrel neatly jumps into the tree and scoots onto the roof. Dell will then stand watch for seemly hours until the heat drives him back inside.

I think what really drives Dell is the fact that once big brother John actually nabbed one of the little buggers and ate it. Dell worshiped John for about a week, following him around and licking John's muzzle. It was a very big day when John killed a squirrel.

So I think it's now Dell's main mission in life to equal his brother's achievement.

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