Sunday, August 02, 2009

By a Nose

nosy tomato
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For the first time this year I was finally able to make my way over the the 17th Street Farmers Market. It was last Thursday, which is when there is the grower's market, and my favorite grower (Amy of Amy's Garden) would be there.

I love Amy's produce. She has the best tomatoes and it was her that introduced us to the Sun Gold variety of cherry tomatoes and for that alone I'm eternally thankful. She always remembers me and pads out my pint of Sun Golds with just a bit more.

We got some luscious raspberries, the aforementioned Sun Golds, slicing tomatoes and a couple of Asian Melons (Jake really wanted them and how could I say no). As I was selecting our tomatoes I found this nosy little fellow. I just had to bring him home. All I had to do was perch two little pepper corns on him to make him complete. Then he got sliced up and made our salad all the more delicious.

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