Friday, August 14, 2009

End of Season

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Summer really is drawing to an end around here. Football has started, the schools are announcing their "Welcome Back" nights, and tennis has come to an end.

Today was the big end of tennis party. Lessons ended last week and this week was the optional tennis tournament. Nate, was not the big winner and we are just fine with that. It was requested by several (!) moms and Dan the instructor that I make my famous tennis ball cupcakes.

I was more than happy to comply and set about making them last night. I first cranked out a batch of cupcakes using my 1-2-3 cake batter. When they were done and cooling I turned the page to orange cake. As I gathered my ingredients I realized I had a little problem, I had no oranges.I ended up heading out early to store and made them this morning. They came out very tasty.

As for the party, the kids had a great time. Dan passed out the annual t-shirts he designed. This year on the back was the most commonly expressed sentiment this summer "Don't mind me, I'm just here for the ice pops." There is a tradition that after lessons the kids all get an ice pop. It gets pretty darn hot and its a nice refreshing treat after running around on the courts.

I thought they were pretty dang funny.

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