Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Artist of the Week: Mountain Lion

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My little firecracker Rebecca is this week's artist.

She is a real sparkler once you get to know her. She is very shy at first and can even come off as aloof when she feels unsure about acquaintances. Rebecca feels very uncomfortable in situations when she can't remember a name or, at the very least, the other person's connection with her. We are trying to teach her that it is okay to smile and be friendly with someone you know only in passing and can't quite remember their name. This will come in time, I don't want to push her to hard or to fast on the social niceties. And really, a little wariness is not such a bad thing.

However once she really knows you, there is no holding her back.

She is happy to give out hugs and will literally hang off of you. I've seen her hanging off the forearm of some of her coaches. She will be giggling madly with a huge smile plastered across her face and radiating joy.

mountain lion
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And as anyone one who knows Rebecca, another source of joy for her is art.

She enjoys and appreciates art museums, carefully examining each work while ignoring the complaints of Max and Nate. Making art is an even greater source of happiness. She is always drawing something. Rebecca's classmates have already declared her to be an artist. They have seen what she can do and how it is a part of her.

So of course this means she brings home a fair amount of artwork. This drawing of a mountain lion came home at the end of the previous school year. Rebecca was a bit upset that it did not weather the trip home at all well. It was wrinkled, folded, and had a couple of small tears around the edge. I had to set it aside and stack papers on top to smooth it out. I didn't want her to toss her happy lion. I thought it was a wonderful drawing that just needed a little care. And three and half months later the drawing is in a much better state.

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