Sunday, October 24, 2010


A few months ago while poking about the library I was seized by the notion to reread the Dune saga. I had read some of them in high school and I thought it would be nice to read the ones I had missed the first time around and reacquaint myself with those I had read. It had been long enough ago that the books would be relatively fresh.

And so I did.

I plowed through all six of the original novels by Frank Herbert. I found the later ones not quite to the same level as the first, however they still were very engaging. It was a disappointment to reach the end of Chapterhouse Dune and the end of Frank Herbert's writing. The series felt unfinished and I wanted more.

Thus bringing me to the books written by Brian Herbert (his son) and Kevin J. Anderson.

So far I have read about a third of their output. The books are partially based on old notes and a treasure trove of ideas that turned up in a lock box 11 years after Frank Herbert's death. There are differences from the original series, but the overall feel of the books is the same. What I am enjoying, so far, is that the books I have read are exploring the backgrounds of the main characters. I am learning more of how the characters came to be. The explanations and stories fit neatly into the pre-existing Dune universe. My opinion may change once I start reading the books that continue the original storyline, but for now I like what I have read.

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