Sunday, October 03, 2010

Season's End

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This past week I bought a lovely bag of vegetables from my favorite grower, Amy of Amy's Garden. She has some of the best produce around. In the bag were peppers, eggplants, salad greens, sweet turnips and tomatoes.

Her tomatoes are outstanding. The sun gold cherry tomatoes are almost like candy, I saw Amy had them available and got an extra pint. Rebecca and I are working our way through them with a little bit of help from the rest of the family (even Meryl is a fan).

Pictured here are some of the slicing tomatoes included in the bounty. They were so very very ripe I had to slice them up tonight. All I did was sprinkle a smidgen of salt, a healthy grind of pepper, a generous splash of balsamic vinegar (the dark spots in the rather vivid photo), and a handful of my rejuvenated basil.

It was divine.

Sometimes I'll have a bit left, but not tonight.

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