Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finally Happy

old chair
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Fifteen or so years ago we acquired a dining room table. A friend of the family was in the process of emptying out her parents old house and putting it on the market. By way of Larry's mother we were invited to come over and take whatever struck our fancy from what was left after the family went through the house.

It was too good an offer to refuse, so we headed on over.

Most of the furniture was not to our taste, but with one notable exception- the dining room table.

It has a beautiful faux Malachite finish and has built in storage for it's four leaves. I fell in love with it and wanted to take it home. But first Larry had to drive Jake and I home then empty out he van. Before he left I told him not to bring home the chairs, they were ugly, stained and were far too low for the table.

Unfortunately the soon to be former owners insisted the we bring the chairs home along with the table.

And so for the past decade and a half I've lived with dinning room chairs that pretty much reviled.

new chairs
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But now that has all changed for the better, a few weeks ago I found my chars.

They are simple and elegant with a style for more appropriate than their predecessors. No longer do we sit with our chins practically in our plates. If fact the new chairs are so much nicer that even Nate noticed. He declared the the new chairs are far more in keeping with the table than the other pattern and design. Which is quite a statement for an eleven year old boy.

Meanwhile I'm just happy the I finally got some dining room chairs that I actually like.

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Diane said...

I'm late, but happy birthday to the dynamic duo! It sounds like they had a blast!

It makes such a difference to be comfortable at the table, doesn't it? I love the tabletop as well as the new chairs.