Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Best Part

I really love fall. The cooler temperatures, the crispness to the air (well not so much today- it was rather warm and humid down in old Virginny), and the splashes of color that grab the eyes as you drive down tree lined streets. But the very best thing is cider.

I love an ice cold glass of full bodied cider. The best ones have a bit of effervescence that somehow enhances the whole experience. Apple juice is such a pale shadow, it only vague hints of its apple origins. A good cider boldly proclaims itself and, if you are lucky, you can even tell what the varietal used.

I very rarely bought apple juice for my children, it's nutritionally bankrupt and is closer to sugar water than fruit juice. Cider, however, is a whole other ball game. We all look forward to cider's return each fall.

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