Sunday, October 17, 2010

Twin Cakes

twin cakes
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Just like Max and Rebecca, their birthday cakes look nothing alike.

Rebecca requested a cake with chocolate icing and a pink unicorn. Max wanted a turtle cake with the cake corps, but was rather vague concerning how the army men were to be deployed. I opted not to dirty my army men and left them off the cake (bad mommy- but I was seriously over extended and decided my sanity came first).

Over all I was happy how both cakes turned out. Rebecca had fun putting on the sprinkles (I helped with filling in the unicorn) and Max admitted that his cake was pretty good even though he did miss the army men. As for their party guests, they were all impressed and then happily devoured the cake.

As for the party, it was their first non-home based birthday party and it was very exciting for them. They had decided almost a year ago on where they wanted their party and stuck with the same idea. There was only a brief moment of regret on Rebecca's part when I informed her that she could not invite her whole class, but she got over it very quickly. They and their friends had a great time.

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