Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Artist of the Week: Book Report

In the Garden
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Rebecca is this week's artist with her book report about "The Day of The Dragon King."

As you can probably guess this picture of Rebecca is not terribly recent, what with it being winter and all. It was taken this past August when we did our regular summer pilgrimage up north to visit family. We attended a small family reunion with Larry's maternal cousins while we were in Connecticut.

The reunion was held on the grounds of an old estate called Waveny. We had no interest in the house, instead we set up in a folly located at the end of a walkway in the gardens. It was a delightfully shady location that captured the breeze. Nearby was a rose garden that surrounded a butterfly garden. Rebecca and her cousins had a lot of fun seeing all the different blooms and spotting the butterflies. It was a lovely place to have a reunion.

magic tree house
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However it is winter now and the gardens are covered with a deep blanket of snow. The only way to see the garden in all it's summertime splendor right now would have to be magic.

Like traveling via the Magic Tree House in Rebecca's book.

For those unfamiliar with the the Magic Tree House, it is a series of chapter books geared towards elementary school readers. Rebecca has read a couple of different books from the series (as have all of her brothers) and is currently doing a book report on one.

The report is due on Friday and consists of a little booklet dived into Settings, Characters, and Plot. Rebecca is expected to write at least a short paragraph in each section and create an illustration.

I like what so has drawn for the settings page. She has included the tree house, a Chinese castle, and Jack & Annie's home. Her handwriting is also very neat, especially considering she did all her writing without any sort of lines. Rebecca is putting some serious effort in this assignment and is doing a little bit each day. Far better than the last book report which was done in a slap dash manner at the very last second. I'm very proud of the fact that my daughter has learned from her mistake and is wanting to do a (much!) better job.

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