Sunday, February 06, 2011


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Every year my mother sends me live flowers, usually in bulb form. This year was not the exception and I received a lovely planter with a mix of red and white tulip bulbs. They are easy enough to grow and I really enjoy them through the bleak months of winter. We might not get all the snow that every one else is getting up north, but it is equally deary looking out the windows at the seemingly dead trees and lawn.

We all love watching the green little shoots poking up from the soil and then growing at a seemingly exponential rate. Buds swell and soon burst forth into bright splashes of red or white.

Sadly the blooms don't last through the rest of winter, but I do like them until the very bitter end when all the petals drop off. They just strike me as more dramatic when they are all blown. Soon the petals will drop from this flower and I'll have to store the bulbs until spring. Tulips never really have a chance in my backyard with all the deer, but I'm an optimist and every year I give it another go and plant them around the deck.

Oh and on a totally unrelated note- Way to go Packers!

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