Friday, January 13, 2012

MCP Project 12: Resolution

Laughter by Teckelcar
Laughter, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
 So it's a new year and a new photo assignment group. This year it is title MCP Project 12 and will be on a monthly format. I think the weekly themes overwhelmed the mods and they are dialing it back this year. It is possible to still do a weekly submission (and I will try to!), but the relentless pace of a new theme each week has slowed down to one per month.

This month's theme is resolution, which is something I'm not that into. Oh I do believe in bettering oneself, but making New Year's resolutions is not what I do.

That said I had to come up with something and decided that to laugh more and have fun would be good ones to work with for this theme. I ended up submitting a series of pictures showing Nate starting to laugh. He was watching Captain Sparklez YouTube and I was nearby with my camera at hand. (And yes I already used the second photo for a post on Wednesday, but you have to admit it is too good to not use.)

I don't know how it'll fly over at MCP Project 12, but I really like the resultant linked sequence.

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