Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sunrise with the Moon and Stars

This morning as I let the dogs I gazed out at the lightening sky. The sun wasn't quite up, but it's glow could be seen through the trees that surround us. The I noticed the moon hanging low in the sky. The lighting was such that it seemed you could see the dark side along with the brightly shining crescent. Three morning stars lay to the right right adding to the magic.

I had to take a picture.

I went back inside to hunt down my tripod. It took a bit of doing as it hadn't been returned to the closet, but was instead languishing in the dining room. Why there, I have no idea other than in all likelihood it was my own fault. I first set up the camera and tripod indoors since it was a bitter 25 degrees outside. Once my camera was ready I went out and took pictures.

The lighting was challenging. It was hard to get what I wanted, but I came very close. I think I might just submit this one to MCP Project 12, I just have to figure how it relates to Resolutions.

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