Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goose Invader

Goose by Teckelcar
Goose, a photo by Teckelcar on Flickr.
Yesterday Dell and John successfully repelled an alien invader on our property.

The red boys were peaceably lounging about inside when they set up an almighty fuss. I initially thought it was a squirrel was cavorting on our deck  and was all set to let loose the hounds  when I saw the goose standing on our lawn. This was a picture worthy moment and I grabbed my camera. In that short space of time the goose settled down on our lawn. I had to take my picture through the window since I knew the second I opened the door the dogs would fly out and the goose would fly away.

In the twelve years we have lived here this was the first time a goose has shown up in our backyard. There is a pond in our development, but it's far away from our property. We have friends with lake front property and the geese are an awful nuisance, honking about and pooping everywhere. The last thing I want is another creature pooping in our yard. So I was happy that John and Dell, aka home land security, did their job with a great deal of zeal and noise. I'm not sure why the goose stopped by, but I know it will not be returning.

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