Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Artist of the Week: The Crazy Chicken

This week’s artist is Nate.

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Last year in kindergarten each student had a journal. They were encouraged to write and do things in it during the school year. One of the things Nate did ws write a story called “The Cras Cicin.” (for the non-phonetic spellers “The Crazy Chicken”.)

The Crazy Chicken Posted by Picasa

Here is a transcription of the above story with parenthetical additions by me:

The Crazy Chicken

Me and my Dad made a flying machine (red arrow).
We dived under water (dad hit an eject button and they fell in the water).

No by no.

Crazy chicken (blue arrow) to the rescue! Oh great no!

(The crazy chicken leaps from the diving board to save Nate and Dad)

Ok, Bad idea bye! I don’t care. The end. Yes!
Why did I say yes?

This is Max and Rebecca’s favorite story. They love having Nate read it to them. To them it is the funniest story ever written. They erupt into laughter whenever Nate says “Crazy chicken to the rescue!”

Nate and Jake are currently working on the further adventures of the crazy chicken.

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