Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Soccer Jake

Jake is very excited over the start of soccer season. He made it onto the Under 10 travel team along with one of his best friends. This promises to be a much higher level of coaching and play than he has experienced in the recreational league. He has tried out before, the first time he did not make the cut and the next time he made the team. Unfortunately the team was disbanded before any practices due to lack of player commitment. The third time seems to be the charm.

Last week the league had a travel team soccer camp. Members of the travel teams (and there are a lot) were encouraged to attend. It was hideously hot out and Jake actually had fun. Well, not so much on the first day. He didn’t keep hydrated and paid the price, but he learned his lesson and I improved the way he transported his drinks so they would stay cool and palatable (warm sports drinks taste awful). On the last day the campers were to wear their camp shirts for pictures.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

It was raining out and I wanted a shot before his shirt got trashed. I’m glad I took it, because in the end no pictures were taken.

Practice has also started and Larry and I have gotten to watch his coach in action. He seems to be doing a good job and he works very well with the team.

Jake is ready for the season to start. From the two soccer camps he attended this summer Jake has learned so much. Hopefully he will have fun and be an asset to his team. He is a naturally fearless player and has no problem competing against kids twice his size. If he can stay focused and listen to the coach he should have a good time. If not, well at least he tried being on the travel team. If it is too much he can go back to playing in the rec. league.

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