Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Passover!

This year I was caught a bit flat footed. I had stocked up on our Passover necessities before disappearing to Georgia, but I was just not mentally ready. I partially blame our secular calendar which pegs the start of Passover being sundown today. Oops, it was actually yesterday.

But I was able to pull my socks up and whip up a nice meal with a roast chicken and potatoes. We didn’t do a full blown Seder last night. It is just too hard when 1/3 of the attendees don’t read. We settled on having wine, matzo and a cup for Elijah. Tonight we will be attending our temple’s community Seder. We have attended previous years and have always found it enjoyable.

So enjoy your second night of Passover and next year in Jerusalem!

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