Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Three: Leftover Junk

This week Terry presents us:
The Axis of Weevil Thursday Three, “Slapdash, Thrown Together, Mish-Mash of Leftover Junk” Edition!

::golf applause::

Being that such a thing as delivering three probing and exciting questions each week to you, our wonderful reading audience, requires such a tremendous degree of discernment and taste, of necessity it means it that there will be on occasion some questions that simply do not meet our high standards.

These questions may be illogical, or mere sentence fragments that do not even rise to the level of actual interrogatories, or they even might have been produced with inferior grades of vowels and consonants. Each of these sub-normal constructions are swiftly pulled from the production process before they ever litter your computational device, insuring you of the highest quality and enjoyment.

Unless, of course, we don’t have any questions, in which case we send a staff member to the basement and grab some of the ones that didn’t quite work.

BUT, to keep you from believing you are being given short shrift, we lovingly apply a content label specifying that they are of the category “Entertaining and Diverse Potpourri of Miscellany,” and ask you to be just as satisfied with them as if they were indeed the finest quality inquiries to which you are accustomed.

SO, for today’s episode, each of you answer the following by leaving a comment below, or by leaving a link to your personal online journal (what some persons call a “Weblog” or “blog”).

1. What is your favorite computer time-waster: Solitaire, Minesweeper, Online Question-Answering Memes, Mahjong, or other. Please specify why.
2. What is the stupidest thing you have ever done with lumber?
3. If you awoke one day and realized your dream of becoming a famous author had come true, what would the title of your second novel be?
4. BONUS QUESTION! How many previous Thursday Threes have been published on Possumblog?
Now then, go off to the luxury of your easy chair and answer those and let everyone see what you have to say.

1) Waste time? People waste time on their computers? I’m shocked I tell you, shocked.
Now that I have gotten that out of the way a little dose of reality will intrude this space. I’m fond of all four that are listed. I forget about minesweeper and the like until I see one of the kids playing. Then I have to reestablish myself as the high scorer. I’m also very fond of the various “productivity enhancers” that can be found over at Dave Barry’s blog. Oh and this thing can be a massive time sink.

2) This one is a little tougher. There is the time I ripped a plank in half on a table saw in a rather unorthodox manner (I was very careful and I was wearing glasses) or maybe building our own shed (which is still a work in progress). Oh I know! It was when my brother and I collected all the random bits and pieces of lumber from the barn one summer and made a track down our very steep sledding hill. Then we took our skateboards to the top of the tracks to ride our homemade “alpine slide.” We were lucky that we didn’t get seriously injured.

3) The title of my second novel would be “And Then They Left Home.”

4) A boatload, but none in the summer.

And now I have to go make some yummy mortar i.e. charoseth.

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