Monday, April 03, 2006

Penicillin is Our Friend

Saturday Rebecca was still not up to snuff. While her brother went off to their game I took her to the pediatrician. I dislike going there on a Saturday, but she really did need to go. She was no longer vomiting, but she was still very lethargic.

So an hour and a half later, one finger stick, a throat swab and a urine check we got a diagnosis. Drum roll please, it turns out she has strep throat, our family’s disease of choice.

The vomiting had thrown me off. So she got a shot of penicillin (normally we avoid shots, but the Dr. and I thought it was best, since we wanted to be sure she got the full dose) and then we were on our merry way.

Six hours later she was much improved and wanted to go bike riding. She only lasted one lap down the cul-de-sac and back, but she is our happy bright eyed girl again.

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