Friday, April 28, 2006

Film 101

Last week I snapped. I couldn’t take one more showing of any part of George Lucas’ space opera. From podracers all the way to ewoks, I was tired of the whole thing. So when the crowd one rainy day was clamoring for a movie I held my ground and said no to Star Wars. We are going to watch one of my movies. I then said “It is a very good movie, you will like it and it features the three most important words in Science fiction.”

I then pulled out a movie I had bought a few months ago and proceeded to liberate it from its shrink-wrap cocoon. All the while there was a great gnashing of teeth and Max loudly stating “That movie is stupid.”

I ignored them and slipped the DVD into the player and cued up the movie.

After a bout 15 minutes Max and Rebecca were transfixed. When the army burst on the scene Nate and then Jake were captivated.

The movie has everything: a spaceship, an alien, a robot with unbelievable powers, the military and an ordinary kid with his mother.

The next day they wanted to see the movie again.

Oh and the movie, it’s this one.

And we all know the phrase that saves the world.


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