Sunday, July 09, 2006

Anniversary Getaway

This weekend Larry and I went on our deferred anniversary trip.  Grandma and Grandpa graciously came down from Connecticut to watch our brood while we were gone.

Jake had spent the last week up at my in-laws and his trip was planned to end when they came down. Friday was interesting. Jake was suffering from a major case of what I call post-Grandma let down. He just spent a delightful week as an only child under the care of very loving Grandparents. He spent a fair amount of time on the bench that Friday afternoon. It was not outright rebellion on his part, he just needed to be reminded what his proper place was and what behavior was expected. By Saturday morning he was back in the groove. Then it was Larry’s mine turn to run away.

We didn’t go too far, just over to Charlottesville. We stayed at a very nice hotel that was at the end of the pedestrian mall in downtown Charlottesville.  This was not our first visit to Charlottesville. Five years ago we had spent a night at a very fancy B&B nearby and spent a few hours on the mall. I was hugely pregnant with Max and Rebecca so my walking abilities were somewhat limited. I was happy to just sit while Larry puttered about. I remember it being quite hot, but that may have been just me.

This time the weather was perfect, sunny with a light breeze and temperatures in the mid eighties. We had a lovely time strolling up and down the mall and eating outside at the outdoor cafes. Saturday night we even caught a bit of a concert being held at the Charlottesville Pavilion.  It was late when we reached the pavilion, so we only lingered for a short while. Our time was spent eating, napping, strolling and lazing about the hotel room. It was a very peaceful and relaxing way to celebrate 14 years of marriage.

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