Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rainy Summer Day

Today was a cool and rainy sort of day. When I awoke I heard the pounding of the rain on the skylight and realized that there would be no tennis today. We had signed up Nate for tennis lessons this summer and after two lessons he was hooked. So instead of tennis we messed around the house. Our only other commitment was to meet Aunt Meryl for lunch at our local IHOP. Meryl was initially concerned that Jake would be disappointed since he would not be with us. He has spent the past week at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I pointed out that he was at his Grandparents. In Connecticut. Without his parents or any of his siblings. She conceded that I had a point.

Lunch was a very loooong affair. The food and company were good, but it took forever for the food to reach our table. Glacial is not an exaggeration. Rebecca and Nate had a snack before we left the house and were only a bit rambunctious. Poor Max, however was hungry. He kept twisting around and asking where was his food. Of course his plate was one of the last one s out. We won’t be patronizing that particular IHOP again.

As we were sitting there Meryl and I discussed what she might do with the boys this weekend. The subject of Cars came up when it suddenly hit me, Jake has probably seen it. After a quick call to the in-laws I found out they had indeed just seen the movie last night. Since the rest of the crew wanted to see it I figured now would be the time. The theater was nearby and we could just pop over after lunch.

Max wanted Meryl to join us and tried to convince to ask her boss for time off to go see a movie. He is a very perceptive little guy and the whole thing was very cute. Sadly she couldn’t and we parted ways. Meryl back to work and the rest of us finishing up lunch and figuring out when was the next show time for Cars.

I had just found out that we had eleven minutes to get to the theater when my phone rang. It was Meryl to tell us the next show time was at two. I told her we were already on it and that the theater was only two minutes away. We got in just as the trailers began. It was a bit tricky, but I found 4 good seats together in the darkened theater.

Rebecca wasn’t in the mood for it; she was jonesing for popcorn the whole time. The rest of us, however, had a very good time. It is a very cute movie, it works for both kids and their parents with good dialog and gorgeous visuals. I loved seeing the Tappet brothers in car form. The plot was straight out of Doc Hollywood, but that is not a bad thing. We will probably end up getting it on DVD at some point.

Oh and the best thing about seeing a movie on a rainy day, all three passed out in the car during the drive home.

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