Monday, July 24, 2006

Out of the Mouths of Babes

A couple of things overheard this weekend.

Larry was on the couch with kids watching some sort of kid friendly show. At one point a one female character turns to another girl and announces that a particular boy is cute. Rebecca’s immediate reaction was “No! Boys can’t be cute!” Larry responds “You’re right.”

I had on a streaming video on the computer that at one point featured some scantily clad pretty young things dancing. The first reaction from Rebecca was that they were “nakey.”  I pointed out that they were not naked, but wearing bikinis. Then they wanted to know why and I explained that this was filmed in the desert and it is very hot (which I admit is only a partial explanation.)  After a bit Nate announced that he did not want to watch the “hot girls” dancing. He did not like it and wanted nothing to do with the aforementioned “hot girls.” Rebecca meanwhile was enjoying the music and had no problems with the girls.

We’ll see how long those opinions last.

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