Sunday, April 08, 2007

Springtime Surprise

Saturday morning we got a little springtime surprise. The news had been going on and on about the possibility of snow Friday night, but I took it with a grain of salt. When I turned in that night it was to the drumming sound of rain drops on the skylights. I wasn't too concerned about my plans to go up to Fredericksburg for a dog show. It was all highway driving and a little foul weather won't stop me. My only concern was about how muddy the show rings would be, since it was an outdoor show.

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Imagine my surprise would I woke up to the sound of excited children milling about. A veritable winter wonderland greeted my eyes.

I laughed and turned to my husband. "I get to show John outside in the snow!"

The rest of my morning was spent readying myself for the show. I dug out my winter dress boots and pulled on a pair of mud friendly black cords (when showing dachshunds there is a fair amount of your time is spent kneeling on the ground). I grabbed some breakfast, boosted John into his crate and I was on my way.

My first stop was my friends house on the west side of Richmond. She too has dachshunds and we like to car pool together. About halfway to her house my cell rang, it was my friend.

The show was canceled.
I was shocked. It was only a bit of snow, but the show committee decided that since they couldn't clear the rings it really wasn't the best conditions for the small breeds and any ancient owners.

So I sadly turned the car around and headed back home.

And this is what greeted my eyes when I turned down the driveway.

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The kids had been very busy during the short time I had been away. Instead of a traditional snowman, they opted for an armchair. Yes, that's right. Jake, Nate and Rebecca made an armchair out of snow. As you can see it is just the right size for them to sit in.

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I included another picture of just the chair so you can appreciate their efforts.

It certainly is the most unique snow sculpture that has ever graced our front lawn. All it needs is a snow side table and a snow TV.

The snow is gone now, except for the chair. I think it will grace our lawn for a few more days.

Update: Much to my surprise it's almost gone.

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