Friday, April 27, 2007

Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains

Starting tomorrow we will have houseguests all next week. They are a very fun family. The husband is the older brother of my husband’s oldest friend and has been become a good friend in his own right. The wife is a delightfully practical sort and she and I have some many similarities it can be frightening. Their two daughters mesh well with our brood and neatly bracket Jake in age. They are coming down for a wedding on Cinco de Mayo in the Richmond area and are staying with us.

Of course this means I have to clean this mess we call home. The worst areas are the bathrooms and I’ll be tackling those shortly. A big house cleaning also means I’ll be making a big dump run. I could pay for a garbage service to cart away my garbage once a week, but I’d rather get a dump sticker and do it myself. I hate having to drag stuff down the end of the driveway each week by an appointed hour. For me it is easier to stuff it in the back of the van and haul it to the dump when I want. This gives me greater flexibility and I can unload all sorts of large and awkward objects that the curbside service would refuse. And as an added bonus that warms my frugal Yankee heart, it is much cheaper to do it myself.

However there is one catch, it almost always seems to rain when I go to the dump. It has become a running joke between me and Meryl. Whenever we get an unexpected rain shower she’ll call me up and ask if I’m going to the dump.

Today it is supposed to rain so of course I’m going to dump.

While poking about on YouTube this morning, I remembered a video from our Madison days that is all too appropriate.

A little bit of Garbage to brighten a rainy Friday.

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