Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Artist of the Week: Collage Again

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This week's artist is Rebecca. She is playing t-ball along with her twin and is having a great time when the kids get to actually play. If the rain holds off a little longer they'll get to play tomorrow.

But this is not about baseball, it's about art.

Most of the art the kids make at school is pretty much directed by the teacher. The medium and the subject matter are all part of the curriculum. There is some individuality to the pieces. I'm pretty good at picking out my kids' stuff out of the crowd, but there is a sort of uniformity to it all.The students do get some time for free expression, but it is usually regulated to smaller scraps of paper and time. All the major works are part of a lesson plan.

But once in a while a big sheet of paper is acquired.

butterfly and bird
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Rebecca was at the art station at center time and she was able to get a fair sized piece of paper. On her own she selected all the materials for her collage and composed her picture. She received no direction from either the teacher, classroom aid or parent helper. This work is wholly her own.

When she brought it home she proudly told me that her teacher was showing off her picture to another teacher. Rebecca was thrilled to get such recognition from her teacher, whom she adores.

I too am proud of what my little girl can do.

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