Thursday, April 24, 2008

Running Home

After seemly endless rainy days, to the tune of 5 plus inches this past weekend- bringing April's total to just over 7 inches, the fields have dried out and baseball has started back up again. Jake played yesterday and tonight Nate, Max and Rebecca had games to play.

Tonight I got to watch Nate's team whomp their opponents at 16 to 1. It was only their second game meanwhile Jake is halfway through his schedule. The dynamic duo's game wasn't quite so lopsided, being just t-ball. The biggest surprise on the t-ball front is Rebecca.

She is really getting into playing the game. During her first game she made an out and since then she has become a fairly focused player, far more than her twin, Max, who has a tendency to run hot then cold throughout the game. Rebecca pays attention to what is going on and knows how to react. Fielding and base running are coming easily to my little girly girl.

And here is my little girl racing home.

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