Monday, April 28, 2008

Makes Endless Rain Look Pretty Good

I've touched on, all right whined, about some of our endless rain. Right now the rainfall for April is over 8 inches. We have had a ton of baseball/t-ball games postponed and the kids are driving me up the wall with all their pent up energy. I had to force them outside today after an hour of their bouncing around and arguing.

But this nothing compared to what happened in Colonial Heights and Suffolk county today.

I first got an inkling that there was a bit more going on weather wise than rain when I picked up Jake from school. He had stayed after school for band rehearsal and I was supposed to pick him up at 4:30. I was a couple of minutes early, but Jake said he had been waiting for thirty minutes.


The rehearsal had been called early because of tornado warnings. Jake tried to call home, but he knew I could not come any earlier and was fine with that.

I was shocked.

There had been some rumbles of thunder, but tornadoes. No way.

When we got back home I put on the news and I was amazed at the devastation I saw. It looks like nobody was killed, but wow. I thought we left this behind when we moved away from Wisconsin.

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