Monday, April 21, 2008

Last Friday Jake And I Go to Norfolk For a Tattoo

Group photo
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And it's not just any tattoo , but the Virginia International Tattoo.

It turns out that Norfolk hosts the largest tattoo in the US and the band teachers at Jake's school decided that it would be this years big field trip. With Max and Rebecca tucked away in Kindergarten I could be a chaperon for this big event.

The kids had a great time and if you click on the group photo you'll be led to a photo set of our trip.

The tattoo itself was held inside the Scope Arena and it was quite exciting from the start.

The boys around me were impressed with both the size of the bands and the 21 gun salute. I loved the music and the marching drills.

Of course there is nothing like a whole procession of bagpipes and drums. As I recall this particular group was from Canada, but it wouldn't surprise me if other groups had blended in.

In between performances the Imps Youth Motorcycle Display Team would careen around on the floor.

They would do all sorts of stunts, the two most thrilling were the pyramid featured above and an incredible complicated bit for driving motorcycles while sitting backwards while crossing in front of another backwards motorcyclist. I think Nate would have loved this part the most.

In addition to the military bands and precision drill teams, there was a slew of step dancers. During this particular portion of the show the dancers were accompanied by an Irish folk group.

I thought they sounded and looked great.

I don't know if we'll ever go again, it was certainly worth going to at least once. Jake was a little disappointed that he missed out on a field trip with his science class, but he decided that this was a far better trip.

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