Thursday, December 18, 2008


cookie tins 1
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So here is what I've been doing this week.

I like to give out cookies, award wining chocolate chip cookies. For me, it is an easy gift and on the whole everybody seems to enjoy them.

Originally the amount of baking I did was fairly low key. When Jake and Nate were both in elementary school all I had to do was three tins of cookies: one for each teacher and one for the school bus driver. I could easily do it all in about a batch and a half of cookies. Those days are long gone. Now it takes 11, yes that's right 11, tins to encompass all of the teachers (Jake has 5) and the three different bus drivers. Each tin holds approximately a 1/4 of a batch of cookies. So in this picture you are looking at three batches of chocolate chip cookies (the twelfth went to the piano teacher). That was /Tuesday's baking extravaganza.

cookie tins 2
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Wednesday I knocked out another batch for our mail carrier, the nice ladies at the school's office (they positively dote on Max and make sure that he gets his enzymes), and a small one for Meryl (the piano teacher's tin accidentally ended up in this photo). All I have left to do is a tin for the kennel where we board our dogs and one other present for family. I'll probably will end up making that batch on Sunday.

That that's not all.

I got a phone call last week asking if I could possibly make gingerbread men for Max's class. The room mom was very nice and said she was asking me because a) rumor had it i liked to bake (duh!) and b) she knew she could count on me to deliver. She has been having problems we people flaking out on her and she remembered me from last year. She was in charge of Rebecca'[s class last year and I always would do as I promised.

gingerbread men
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Of course, I said yes.

I had made them before and I had a good recipe for them. All I had to do was mix them up the day before and let the dough chill overnight. The only snag was that I did not have the traditional cutters. But that was not a problem, a couple were found and sent home with Max on Monday.

Don't they look yummy.

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