Monday, December 08, 2008

Quite an Experience

I can safely say that we will not be having any more sleepovers on the grand scale.

Nobody was hurt and nothing was broken, but...

When 10 little boys are thrown together over night there is precious little sleep and a whole lot of noise. They spent the bulk of the evening running around and yelling. They were so boisterous that they set the dogs off. Poor John was in his crate howling to be let out.

I came out and threatened to drive each and every one back to their respective homes. This caused a brief lull, but soon they were back to being loud. Luckily it was daybreak and they picked up a few hours later. All were tired, a few were grumpy and I think they all had a good time.

Poor Nate was utterly exhausted and I spooned him back to bed. Unfortunately he had a party at Laser Quest to go to in few very short hours. He was still wiped out, yet he was able to rally and come in second place (out of 20 odd kids). It took the boy two days to fully recover from his wild all nighter.

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